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Armyworm Moths

Cliff Sadof, Extension Entomologist

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Armyworm Moth on Linden Armyworm Moths and Penny
Armyworm Moth Feedingon Linden Tree Flowers
(Photo by Cliff Sadof)
Armyworm Moths
(Note rust color where scales have rubbed off)
(Photo by Peggy Sellers)

Adult armyworm adult moths feeding on the nectar of a little leafed linden flowers on 14 June 2001 on Purdue Campus. Notice the characteristic dot on the wings. Each evening tens of thousands of moths can be seen feeding on flowering plants. They seem to be particularly attracted to heavily scented flowers that are rich in nectar. As moths, they have no chewing mouth parts and can only feed on nectar.

For more information on these moths refer to Armyworms, Armyworms, Armyworms! from 21 May 2001.

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