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Picture of the Week
for 11 July 2000

Black Rot and Anthracnose of Grape

Bruce Bordelon, Small Fruit Specialist
Photo by Larry Watson with editing by Bruce Bordelon

There is a combination of diseases in this photo: black rot and anthracnose. Some of the lesions on the leaf petioles and shoots might be black rot but are more likely anthracnose.

I suspect most of the cluster stem lesions are anthracnose as well as the numerous small lesions on the leaves, especially those with the centers falling out.

Not much can be done at this time for control. Pick off and destroy as much of the diseased parts as possible. The anthracnose infection period should be over, but black rot could still spread. The fruits are susceptible until they begin to turn color (veraison). After that they are no longer susceptible. Please refer to BP-36.

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