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Slime Mold

Peggy Sellers, Purdue University

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Photos by Peggy Sellers.

Slime Mold Slime Mold 1 Day Later
Slime Mold on Mulch Slime Mold on Mulch - One Day Later

Slime molds are appearing in mulch. To me, they are beautiful with their intricate structure. However, most people think they look like scrambled eggs or dog vomit. They appear in several sizes and colors with no definite shape. Those in my mulch change on a daily basis from a bright yellow netting, to a tan powder, to a dark brown dried blob.

Slime molds get their nutrients from bacteria and small bits of organic matter which is why it is common to see them growing on mulch. Although slime molds may grow on plants, they do not harm plants. After several days slime molds will usually be less noticeable. If you want to speed this process, rake the mulch to promote air drying.

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