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Lunaria annua (L. biennis), Money Plant, Honesty, Silver Dollar Plant

Rosie Lerner, Extension Consumer Horticulture Specialist

Money may not grow on trees, but it can grow on garden plants! This plant "volunteered" in great quantity this spring in a shrub/ground cover bed. The foliage and flower structure are typical of the mustard family, though the spring flowers are purple (can be pink). Now in summer, the plants have developed a distinct, round, flattened seed pod. A bit later in summer as the pods dry, the outer covering turns to a satiny silver-white paper like texture, thus lending the common name of Money Plant. Botanically the plant is a biennial but because of its tendency to be a prolific self-seeder, once you plant Lunaria you are likely to have plants coming up each year.

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Lunaria annua (L. biennis) Lunaria annua (L. biennis)

The distinct, round, flattened
seed pods of Lunaria annua (L. biennis)

Lunaria annua (L. biennis) Flowers
The flowers of
Lunaria annua (L. biennis)

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