Top Ten Weeds

The following question was sent to the P&PDL diagnosticians here at Purdue University:

Question: What are the most common weeds in corn and soybean fields in Indiana?

Answer: The following data is from a 1996 survey by Dan Childs, Extension Weed Science Specialist. In addition, the pictorial guide of Common Weeds of No-Till Cropping Systems may be of interest.

Most Common Weeds in Corn and Soybean Fields

  1. giant foxtail
  2. giant ragweed
  3. velvetleaf
  4. common lambsquarters
  5. common ragweed
  6. common cocklebur
  7. Canada thistle
  8. johnsongrass
  9. fall panicum
  10. marestail

Most Difficult to Control Weeds

  1. giant ragweed
  2. Canada thistle
  3. hemp dogbane
  4. common lambsquarters
  5. marestail
  6. johnsongrass
  7. burcucumber
  8. shattercane
  9. giant foxtail
  10. fall panicum

Most Rapidly Increasing Weeds

  1. giant ragweed
  2. marestail
  3. Canada thistle
  4. hemp dogbane
  5. eastern black nightshade
  6. shattercane
  7. waterhemp
  8. common lambsquarters
  9. fall panicum
  10. burcucumber‚Äč