Tree Protectors

Question: A few months ago, you had an article on protecting trees. I would like to obtain some (protectors) for a tree plantation I've put on 10 acres of my farm last spring. Could you tell me where to get some of these?

Answer: There are many tactics to reduce deer damage. Individual tree protectors (woven wire, plastic cylinders, plastic netting or plastic wrap) can be useful for protecting young trees; however, since you're dealing with a 10-acre tree farm, you will want to research all your options. Purdue's Wildlife Conflicts Information Hotline Online Information Site is full of helpful links and information. You can find help on topics ranging from orphaned bunnies to coyote conflicts. There are excellent articles on deer control as well.

If you decide to pursue individual tree protectors, you may find them at a local garden center, order them from many nurseries, or do an internet search for vendors. Be sure to select a product that does not constrict the tree as it grows and has a method for easy removal when needed.

-Beverly Shaw, Purdue Advanced Master Gardener