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Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Fly Away Home...

Gail Ruhl, Senior Plant Disease Diagnostician, Interim P&PDL Director

Fly away to ANY home but MINE!!! It is that time of year, early-mid October, when the Asian lady beetles begin to congregate on light colored buildings and those areas that are illuminated by the sun. Once several beetles have settled on a suitable site, they release an air-borne, chemical, signal which attracts even more beetles. During this congregating activity, hundreds of thousands of beetles may appear around homes. The beetles will move into tight cracks and crevices such as under siding or in wall voids, or cluster tightly into the corners of attics or garages once the outside temperatures fall. They will overwinter in these areas and then in the spring, as the temperatures warm up, they will once again become a nussiance as they try to get back outdoors!

To find out more about these insects, read the information in E-214, "Asian Lady Beetles" (PDF 32K - requires Adobe Adobe Reader) .

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The pattern of spots and coloration may vary from beetle to beetle
Characteristic "M" marking on the thorax above the wings



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