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What's Hot on July 14, 2010
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Goss's Bacterial Leaf Blight

Gail Ruhl, Sr. Plant Disease Diagnostician

The P&PDL has confirmed the first 2010 find of Goss's Bacterial Leaf Blight on a sample of corn submitted from Pulaski county. The bacterium that causes Goss's wilt and leaf blight of corn requires wounded tissue to infect plants. Hailstorms, heavy rains, and windstorms earlier this season may have provided plenty of wounded foliar tissue for infections to occur.

Please refer to the Purdue Publication BP-81 (pdf file), 2008 What's Hot for additional information.

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Goss wilt on corn

Figure 1. Diagnostic lesions of Goss’s wilt with dark specks or ‘freckles’ present in the lesion.

Goss wilt on corn

Figure 2. Bacterial ooze present on the lesion surface will appear shiny in sunlight.

Goss wilt on corn field

Figure 3. Blighted areas in the upper canopy of infected plants.

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