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August 12, 2013

Submit your digital sample
via our new app!

The Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission app is a joint effort with 8 universities to provide a way to easily submit digital images of plant problems or pests on the go. Available for iOS. The Sample Submission App is free but normal sample processing fees still apply for samples submitted via the app. Check the PPDL's list of services and fees. Contact your preferred lab for details on their fees.

Search the App Store, click on the link above, or use your iPhone to scan the QR code below:

QR code

The following labs are accepting submissions on this app (note exceptions for KY & NH): 

Alabama Cooperative Extension System 
University of Connecticut Plant Diagnostic Laboratory 
University of Illinois Extension 
University of Kentucky Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (County ANR/HORT Agents Only) 
Michigan State University Diagnostic Services Laboratory 
University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab (UNHCE Field & State Specialists only) 
Ohio State University C. Wayne Ellet Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic 
Purdue University Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory 

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