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February 9, 2015

Indiana Nurseries: Time is running out to have your voices heard!

Kyle Daniel, Commercial Nursery and Landscape Outreach Specialist, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Purdue University

More than likely you have witnessed the increased awareness about invasive species, particularly invasive plants, over the past few years.  Fairly or unfairly, the Green Industry is often on the defensive in the discussions about invasive plants.  The modes of introduction are many, including through the ornamental trade.  It is very important for your operation to be well versed in the terminology surrounding invasive plants.  There are many terms associated with invasive species, including alien, non-native, introduced, and exotic, relative to invasiveness.  All of these terms are synonymous in relation to invasive species.  Not all introduced species are invasive and not all natives are non-invasive.  

The Indiana Nursery and Landscape Industry should be aware of coming legislation to invasive plant species within the state.  Plants that will have significant impact to the industry are to include, Pyrus calleryana (callery pear),Acer platanoides (Norway maple), and Euonymus fortunei(wintercreeper).  With Phil Marshall and Megan Abraham of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources leading, we are conducting a cost analysis to Indiana nurseries in order to determine the economic impacts in prohibiting the sale and movement of specific species.  We have sent a survey to all nurseries throughout the state and the IDNR has approached the largest nurseries (>25 acres) to gather data.  At the Indiana Green Expo on January 22nd, there was a listening session that allowed for feedback to the committee (Fig.1).  Though this session was helpful in moving forward, we need as many nurseries to contact us as soon as possible with feedback and economic impacts of their operation so that the ‘whole picture’ can be gathered.  

There are viable alternative species that can be used in place of the three plants listed above.  The Purdue Green Industry Working Group, with the assistance of the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association, business owners, IDNR, and The Nature Conservancy, is currently working on a list that is viable for nurseries, landscapers, and homeowners.   We must remember that education for the end-consumer is key to this venture.  Educating your customers can assist to minimize the detrimental effects to your bottom line.  

Remember to contact Kyle Daniel at daniel38@purdue.edu as soon as possible with feedback so that we can send to the committee charged in making this process as smooth as possible for your nursery and/or landscape company.  

You may read the current DRAFT of the invasive species legislation by clicking HERE .​

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Fig.1-Indiana Green Expo, January 22, 2015​