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May 11, 2015

Variegated Solomon's Seal

Rosie Lerner, Extension Consumer Horticulture Specialist,Purdue University

Looking for a low-maintenance perennial for the shade garden?  Variegated Solomon's Seal may just be the answer.  Known botanically as Polygonatun ordoratum'Variegatum', this hardy herbaceous perennial has bright green foliage edged in white that remains attractive throughout the growing season.  The delicate white pendulous flowers are an added bonus in late spring. Although the plants form small colonies by rhizomes, it is not terribly aggressive and will adapt to various levels of shade.  This outstanding ornamental was named the 2013 Perennial Of the Year by the Perennial Plant Association.

For more information about this plant, see http://www.hort.purdue.edu/ext/solomonslp-o-y.html.

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Photo credit: Rosie Lerner