Section 7: Equal Employment Opportunity

Goal: Increase the diversity of Purdue Agriculture’s workforce

Objective: Ensure nondiscrimination in employment practices

The Purdue University Affirmative Action Plan outlines policies and procedures for ensuring that all people have equal opportunities for employment.  This plan can be viewed at the Office of Institutional Equity.

  • Provide Purdue Agriculture employees the tools to develop core competency in working with individuals and groups from diverse cultural perspectives and values.
    • Purdue Agriculture will continue to enhance our employee’s ability to successfully engage underserved audiences. This engagement should inform members of underserved audiences of what we do and the opportunity that employment in Purdue Agriculture presents. Purdue Agriculture is targeting recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups to increase the diversity of our workforce.
    • Continue to recruit minorities and females to our programs.
    • Continue the summer internship program to assist in recruiting and retaining a diverse, world-class staff that reflect our society, while fostering a climate that values inclusiveness and equity, and assures respect for human dignity.
    • Continue to support Programs such as Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP), Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) and Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANNRS) to increase the numbers of diverse students interested in graduate school
    • Support grant activities that develop the pool of talent available for future programs. 
    • Support activities to retain diverse hires
    • Support the Purdue Women in Agriculture group
    • Develop stronger mentoring programs for faculty
    • Increase professional development opportunities for graduate students and women
    • Provide leadership opportunities for faculty and staff through FSLI, LEAD-21, and Purdue Programs such as the Entrepreneurship Leadership academy, CIC and Provost Fellows
    • Consider all qualified employees for placement, promotions, special assignments and access to internal resources.
    • Continue to participate in the annual faculty salary equity process
    • Continue to participate in the annual the staff  salary equity process
    • Ensure EEO and search committee training for all persons in supervisory roles
    • Continue to instruct all search committees to make all reasonable efforts to recruit a diverse pool of applicants and to conduct the search process in an equitable and inclusive manner.
    • Encourage Search committees and/or department heads to attend “search and screen” workshops.
    • Information on upcoming ADVANCE workshops is provided to search committees.
    • Search committees are encouraged to meet with an ADVANCE representative early in the search process to review issues around hidden and unintentional biases and equity in considering all applicants.
    • The Purdue Affirmative Action plan containing the most recent information on minorities and females expected in the applicant pools, continue to provide to all department heads and search committee chairs.
    • Position announcements must state Purdue University is an equal opportunity/equal access/affirmative action employer fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce.
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