Self Reporting System

picture of statue of libertyThe College of Agriculture is committed to making ongoing improvements to policies and practices to assure that race, ethnicity and gender are not barriers to success.  During our USDA Federal Civil Rights Compliance Audit in 2012 it was brought to our attention that we did not have a formal tracking system in place to verify that all faculty, staff and graduate students received appropriate training.  

In order to comply with this, individuals are required to receive training in civil rights (the regulations), diversity awareness or sexual harassment each year.  Therefore, we created a system utilizing the Qualtrics survey tool to have individuals self-report completion of their training.  Rather than mandate a specific training, we are asking you to comply by recording training you have been to already or attend any training that fits your needs and interests and enhances your knowledge/understanding of diversity, civil rights or sexual harassment.  

Report diversity, civil rights, or sexual harassment training using Qualtrics​
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