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"Drainage system design, drainage system age, weather/climate, and crop management practices all affect nitrate-N loads through their effects on drainage flow volumes and/or nitrate-N concentrations."

– Laura Bowling, Purdue University

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Farming for a Better Climate

Helping the agricultural community slow climate change and benefit economically

This series takes a look at the latest science to explore ways farmers can benefit--economically and environmentally--from adopting farming practices that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

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Two College of Agriculture professors tapped for EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board

Aug 27, 2021
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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Sylvie Brouder, professor of agronomy, and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, director of the Center for Global Trade Analysis (GTAP) and agricultural economics research professor, were recently appointed…

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Storm water

Stormwater on the margins

Aug 19, 2021
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For many cities around the world, climate change is bringing more frequent intense downpours which can overwhelm urban stormwater management systems and lead to flooding and degraded water quality. These…

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Soundscapes coral reef

What does resilience sound like?

Aug 18, 2021
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Images of the destructive power of extreme weather events—incinerated landscapes, massive forest defoliation, broken coral reefs, splintered homes, waterlogged communities and coastlines—are regular features in today’s news feeds. Researchers studying…

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Stories of Change

Climate + Entrepreneurship

Engineer Priscilla Johnson, has spent her career fighting for the environment. Now she’s applying that knowledge to her own line of eco-friendly products while inspiring the next generation of eco-warriors.

"Shared e-scooter systems can compete with bus system ridership, but repositioning e-scooters to areas with limited bus service can be beneficial for both systems."

– Hua Cai, Purdue University

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Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment

Putting global change into local perspective

Led by the Purdue Climate Change Research Center, scientists and decision makers from across the state are working together to increase awareness about how a changing climate affects state and local interests.

Learn more at www.IndianaClimate.org

The Purdue Climate Change Research Center mission is to increase scientific and public understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change through interdisciplinary research and effective education and outreach.

We are committed to science-based, non-partisan, and collaborative analysis to support real-world decision making from the local to the global scales.

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