About Us

A hub for people who want to work across disciplines on issues related to Earth’s changing climate, the PCCRC helps connect researchers, support collaborative projects, and share findings and expertise with stakeholders.

The Purdue Climate Change Research Center (PCCRC) facilitates interdisciplinary climate change research, education, and engagement. From its inception in 2004, the PCCRC assembled a community of scholars who shared the perspective that human and natural systems should be studied as an integrated whole.

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We bring together faculty, postdocs, students and professional staff from 27 departments across 8 of Purdue’s academic units to address the challenges and complexities of climate and related global change. Research teams are exploring the causes and impacts of climate change, improving predictive models to project future climate conditions, and pursuing novel ideas for mitigation and adaptation.

The PCCRC supports the ambitious, innovative ideas of our researchers by breaking down disciplinary and administrative barriers to help ideas take shape. We do this in a variety of ways that include consulting with individual faculty members about opportunities, providing seed funding to explore high-risk interdisciplinary research, offering experienced guidance to support and develop a project or program, and by convening as many opportunities for cross-disciplinary conversations as possible—this is where new ideas are sparked, and take shape.

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Worldwide Impact

The center supports climate change research at Purdue to improve understanding of the causes and consequences of the Earth’s changing climate system and enhance the capacity of decision makers to develop effective mitigation and adaptation strategies. As the pace of change accelerates and the broad-reaching effects of climate change become more apparent, this work becomes increasingly urgent.