The following peer-reviewed articles were published by PCCRC-affiliated researchers. These climate change-related publications are sorted by the first author’s last name, and the year of publication.


Guo, M., Q. Zhuang,  H. Yao, M. Golub, L. R. Leung, D. Pierson and Z. Tan (2021). Validation and sensitivity analysis of a 1‐D lake model across global lakes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 126, e2020JD033417.  [link]

Liu, L., D. Zhao, J. Wei, Q. Zhuang, X. Gao, Y. Zhu, J. Zhang, C. Guo and D. Zheng (2021). Permafrost sensitivity to global warming of 1.5°C and 2°C in the Northern Hemisphere, Environmental Research Letters. [link]

Zheng, J., J. Fan, F. Zhang, J. Guo, S. Yan, Q. Zhuang, N. Cui, and L. Guo (2021). Interactive effects of mulching practice and nitrogen rate on grain yield, water productivity, fertilizer use efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions of rainfed summer maize in northwest China, Agricultural Water Management, Volume 248, 106778, ISSN 0378-3774. [link]