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What is Your Breakeven Price for Corn and Soybeans?

Breakeven prices are helpful when making crop decisions and when marketing crops. Without breakeven price information, it is very difficult for a producer to gauge or evaluate market opportunities as crop prices change or make crop rotation decisions. Looking ahead to 2023, breakeven prices for corn and soybeans are 5-7% higher than those experienced in 2022.

Purdue Commercial AgCast Podcast, Ag Economy Barometer Insight

Farmer Sentiment Drifts Lower, Rising Interest Rates Contribute to Uneasiness

The Purdue University-CME Group Ag Economy Barometer index drifted lower to a reading of 112 in September which was 5 points lower than a month earlier. This month’s survey was conducted from September 19-23, 2022. Purdue ag economists Michael Langemeier and James Mintert break down the results of the September 2022 Ag Economy Barometer survey.

Purdue Crop Cost and Return Guide

2023 Crop Cost and Return Guide

The Purdue Crop Cost and Return Guide offers farmers a resource to project financials for the coming cropping year. These are the September 2022 crop budget estimations for 2023.

Purdue Commercial AgCast Podcast

Farm Impact from Rising Inflation and Interest Rates: September Update

Purdue agricultural economists Brady Brewer and Michael Langemeier discuss updated inflation numbers and interest rates and the impacts on agriculture in this episode of Purdue Commercial AgCast. Farm inputs like fertilizer, diesel, machinery and building supplies are discussed, as well as capital investments like land and real estate, and how the cost of debt is…