Agronomy Center for Research and Education (ACRE)

About the ACRE 

The Agronomy Farm was established in 1949 as the campus-based field research station for agronomic crops and soils research for the agronomy department and other departments working on field crops. This facility is now the Agronomy Center for Research and Education (ACRE). It is utilized by over 50 researchers from eight departments, conducting approximately 180 research projects. This 1,600 acre farm facility is located seven miles northwest of campus. The Indiana Corn and Soybean Innovation Center was opened in 2016 to experiment with new ways to collect plant trait data and automate seed processing. A farm manager and three technicians are employed full-time with seasonal and student labor as needed.  

The studies range from basic to applied research including: plant breeding and genetics, crop production and soil tillage management, plant physiology, soil fertility, weed control, disease and insect resistance and control, and performance evaluation for ag technologies and digital agriculture.
Currently, cooperating departments doing agronomic field research include: AgronomyBotany and Plant PathologyEntomologyAgricultural and Biological EngineeringLARS (Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing)

Visit the The Prairie Point for a detailed description of the start of the western prairie by Dr. John Peterson, agronomy department head from 1948-1971. A schist boulder found at the ACRE contains a plaque that commemorates Dr. Peterson's contributions to the development of the ACRE.


Dr. Grant's Field Gas Flux Facility