Roland Wilhelm

Dr. Roland C. Wilhelm

Department of Agronomy
Assistant Professor of Environmental Microbiology (he/him)

Dr. Roland Wilhelm leads the Managed Ecosystem Microbial Ecology Lab, and is a member of the Purdue Applied Microbiome Sciences group and Purdue's Center for the Environment.

His research examines how microorganisms shape the productivity of ecosystems and the flow of plant-derived ‘green’ carbon through the environment. The goal is to apply new ecological insights and biological innovations to enhance the use of natural resources in managed ecosystems. Along the way, we aim to bioprospect for new biotechnologies and describe the natural history of our magnificent planet.

Curriculum Vitae


Areas of Expertise

microbial ecology, microbiome sciences, biogeochemistry, and bioinformatics

Representative Publications

Karasz, D, Weaver, A, Buckley, DH and Wilhelm, R (2022). Conditional filamentation as an adaptive trait of bacteria and its ecological significance in soils. Environmental Microbiology (online).

Wilhelm, R, Van Es, H and Buckley, DH (2022). Predicting measures of soil health using the microbiome and supervised machine learning. Soil Biology and Biochemistry (online).

Wilhelm, R, DeRito, C, Shapleigh, J, Madsen, EL and Buckley, DH (2021). Phenolic acid-degrading Paraburkholderia prime decomposition in forest soil. ISME Communications (online).

Wilhelm, R, Pepe-Ranney, C, Weisenhorn, P, Lipton, M and Buckley, DH (2021). Competitive exclusion and metabolic dependency within the microbial community structure the cellulose economy of an agricultural soil. mBio (online).

Wilhelm, R, Singh, R, Eltis, L and Mohn WW (2019). Bacterial contributions to delignification and lignocellulose degradation in forest soils with metagenomic and quantitative stable isotope probing. ISME J (online).

Wilhelm, R (2018). Following the terrestrial tracks of Caulobacter - redefining the ecology of a reputed aquatic oligotroph. ISME J (online).


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