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participate in agronomy Outside the Classroom

One of the best perks of Agronomy is the opportunity to network and build relationships through our clubs and teams. By participating you will set yourself up for academic and professional success and maybe make some friends along the way. Immersing yourself in activities outside of the classroom will enhance your agronomy experience, establish relationships and make your time here even more fun.

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Sherry Fulk-Bringman
Laboratory & Outreach Coordinator

Clubs and Teams


Agronomy Club is for students with a passion for Agronomy and the Agriculture industry. Many of our members have farming backgrounds, some aren't majoring in agriculture at all. Anyone with an interest in Agronomy is welcome to join!

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The Purdue Crops Team is a competitive group of students who want to acquire hands-on experiences and knowledge in preparation for careers in the seed, plant and agronomic business field.   Their contests involve plant, seed, and weed identification, grain grading, and seed analysis, and written evaluations and calibrations.

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Purdue Agronomy Soils Team

The Soils Teams is comprised of students who are interested in studying, classifying, and judging soils. Some of our members have done soils judging before, while others are participating for the first time. Most of the students have majors within the college of agriculture and we encourage anyone to join. Experience is not necessary and any college level is welcome.

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