Mohsen  Mohammadi

Mohsen Mohammadi PhD

Dr. Mohsen Mohammadi's training involved field-based and genome-wide prediction based plant breeding. He completed a PhD degree in plant molecular biology of drought response in wheat root, where he identified novel dehydration responsive genes in wheat roots using global transcriptional profiling. At Purdue Agronomy, his role is to provide a learning environment for genetics, quantitative genetics, and plant breeding. His research involves genetics of (and breeding for) root and yield-related traits. In particular, Dr. Mohammadi uses genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and large-scale -omics approaches to identify candidate genes with implications in root development and yield formation in wheat.

Former lab members

  • Dr. Rupesh Gaire (former PhD student); 2016-2020; currently a postdoc with University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign
  • Dr. Blake Russell (former PhD student); 2016-2020; currently a corn breeder with Beck Ag
  • Dr. Sintayehu Daba (former postdoc), 2015-2019; currently a scientist with USDA-ARS in Washington State
  • Seth Tolley (former MSc student), 2017-2019; currently a PhD student at Purdue Agronomy
  • Robert Shrote (for undergraduate researcher), 2016-2019; currently a PhD student at Michigan State University