Agronomy Undergraduate Education​

​The agronomy faculty and staff provide students an excellent education which delivers the foundation, motivation and continuing support for a lifetime of learning. Students learn to think, question established dogma, and develop interpersonal skills.

Hear From Our Students

Riley Garner

Riley Garner

Agronomy with minors in Farm Management and Food and Agribusiness

Why Purdue?

I chose Purdue because it has one of the best agriculture programs in the nation! 

What was your freshman experience like?

My freshman experience was one of trying new things and meeting new people. Purdue has a ton of great opportunities for freshman to meet others inside and outside of their major, and to get involved in an array of different clubs and organizations across campus. 

You're thoughts and experience with the Agronomy faculty and staff?

Agronomy faculty and staff are by far the most friendly and welcoming I have experienced. They want nothing more than to see you learn, succeed, and thrive in their classes and in the real world.

What internships are you (or have you) done?

I was a crop scout with CoAlliance my freshman year, and the past two summers I have been in both Wholesale and Retail Agronomy and Sales Intern positions with Helena Agri-Enterprises. 

What are your future plans upon graduation?

Upon graduation I intend to go into some type of sales (specifically seed or chemical) within the midwest.