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Researc​h Program

Swine Genetics and Growth Modeling

A swine lean-growth model has been developed to examine genetic-nutrition interactions and optimize lean production efficiency.

The goals are to genetically increase swine lean growth and model the optimal nutrition and environment to maximize lean efficiency. We specialize in the evaluation of genotypes for lean growth rate, feed intake, and carcass composition. Alternative methods to estimate whole body and carcass composition are evaluated and utilized. Statistical methods to increase the accuracy of compositional growth curves and reduce genotype prediction biases are being evaluated and utilized. Cooperative research with meat scientists and economists is conducted to evaluate differences in carcass value and profitability. Alternative crossbreeding and within-line genetic evaluation systems are being researched with a goal to maximize genetic progress.

Research Techniques

  • Swine growth modeling
  • Genetic parameter estimation
  • Methods to predict swine component growth curves
  • Cooperative research in swine lean systems analysis
  • Evaluation of alternative selection programs

Selected Refereed Journal Publications

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Selected Research Publications

Schinckel, A.P., B.T. Richert, L.K. Clark, J.W. Frank, and J.T. Turek. 1997. Modeling genetic and environment effects on pig lean growth. Proc. National Swine Improvement Federation. Pgs. 55-74.

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Selected Book Chapters

Schinckel, A.P. 1994. Nutrient Requirements of Modern Pig Genotypes. In: Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition. Univ. of Nottingham Press. Loughborough, U.K. Edited by P.C. Garnsworthy and D. J. A. Cole. pp. 133-169. (Currently to be reprinted in Recent Developments of Pig Nutrition 3, 2001.)

Schinckel, A.P. 1999. Describing the Pig. A Quantitative Biology of the Pig. CAB International. pp 9-38.