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Beef Roundtable serves up information, opinions on web - Purdue News, September 2015

Beef specialist: Producers must address cold stress in herds - Purdue News, January 2015

Beef specialist: Forage testing can show low nutrient levels going into harsh winter - Purdue News, December 2014

Regional beef meetings will offer farmers industry updates - Purdue News, November 2013

Beef specialist offers tips for winterizing cattle operations - Purdue News, November 2013

Cattle producers should watch for stress as hot weather returns - Purdue News, August 2013

Cattle producers can take advantage of high-quality, second-cutting hay - Purdue News, August 2013

Beef producers shouldn't focus on single trait EPDs to improve herds - Purdue News, July 2013

Beef specialist: Cattle producers should control fly populations - Purdue News, June 2013

Livestock producers should watch for, control poison hemlock - Purdue News, April 2013

Cattle producers should prevent, watch for grass tetany - Purdue News, April 2013

Experts summarize livestock lessons learned from 2012 drought - Purdue News, March 2013

Bull evaluations needed to ensure successful breeding season - Purdue News, March 2013

Beef specialist: Producers should control lice in cold weather - Purdue News, February 2013

Specialists: In 2013, resolve to improve farming practices - Purdue News, December 2012

Winter preparation essential for cattle herd management - Purdue News, December 2012

Cattle producers should test, supplement winter forage supplies - Purdue News, December 2012

Area beef meetings feature drought recovery, regulatory updates - Purdue News, November 2012

Expert: Exercise proper management when grazing corn fodder - Purdue News, October 2012

Weaning reduces pasture loss, cow stress heading into winter - Purdue News, October 2012

Webinar to help guide beef producers through the drought - Purdue News, August 2012

Drought has potential three-year 'tail' on beef production - Purdue News, July 2012

Purdue experts: Still some time left to rebound from drought - Purdue News, June 2012

Heat, lack of rain exaggerate need for grazing management - Purdue News, June 2012

Bull selection can help beef producers capitalize on up markets - Purdue News, March 2012

Beef breeding programs help producers capitalize on strong prices - Purdue News, March 2012

Mid- to late winter marks time to watch for lice in cattle - Purdue News, February 2012

Bull reproductive exams important as breeding season approaches - Purdue News, February 2012

Winter preparations reduce headaches for beef producers - Purdue News, January 2012

Proper mineral management key to keeping cattle healthy - Purdue News, December 2011

Book addresses Midwest cow-calf management issues - Purdue News, December 2011

Area beef meetings set for 10 Indiana locations - Purdue News, November 2011

Forage nutrient quality a concern for all, specialists say - Purdue News, June 2011

Frigid winter is reason to consider bull reproduction check - Purde News, February 2011

Improper cow nutrition proves costly for beef producers - Purdue News, January 2011

Drought leaves beef producers in need of forage supplements - Purdue News, December 2010

Expert: Exercise caution when grazing cattle in cold weather - Purdue News, October 2010

Calving season proves challenging for some producers in 2010 - Purdue News, July 2010

Nutrition, facility preparation vital to successful calving season - Purdue News, December 2009

Opportunities exist for beef, dairy producers to utilize damaged corn - Purdue News, November 2009

The Beef Center, a new Web site, contains all things beef - Purdue News, November 2009

In the future, cattle industry may make a move to the Midwest - Purdue News, September 2009

Specialist: Rotational grazing a pick-me-up for tired pastures - Purdue News, July 2006

Beef producers shouldn't turn blind eye to pinkeye, expert says - Purdue News, July 2006

Web log beefs up cattle industry information, news - Purdue News, June 2006

Flight risk: Flies a health concern for beef cattle, specialist says - Purdue News, June 2006

'Value-added' beef gaining hoofhold in cattle industry - Purdue News, August 2005

Specialist: Grass tetany-afflicted cows unsteady as they go - Purdue News, April 2005