Ronald Lemenager

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Research Program​

Beef cow-calf nutrition and managment
-- Energy and protein requirements of gestating and lactating cows
-- Nutrition x reproduction interaction


Beef feedlot nutrition and management
-- Nutritional and management factors affecting beef marbling and tenderness
-- Nutritional and management factors affecting muscle and adipose accretion​

Nutrition x Reproduction Interaction in the Beef Cow

Our research goal is to integrate energy and protein resources into a system that will optimize reproductive performance of beef cows.

Research has been focused on determining the net energy requirements for weight and body condition score change (NEΔ) in beef cows to optimize reproductive performance and maximize profit. Equations have been developed that allow producers to program the feeding of mature and primiparous cows to obtain a target body condition score. Future research will concentrate on determining protein levels in the diet necessary to achieve a target body condition score. Additional research interests include grazing/forage systems that utilize alternative management techniques to enhance profitability.


Nutrition and Management Factors Affecting Marbling and Tenderness


Our research goal is to evaluate nutritional and management factors that can enhance muscle accretion, marbling and tenderness of beef. Research has focused on the factors that impact and mechanisms that control muscle and adipose accretion in beef cattle.

Research Techniques

  • Comparative slaughter to estimate body composition
  • Standard AOAC in vitro and in situ procedures for nutrient characterization
  • Calf weight-suckle-weight to estimate milk production
  • Ovarian and reproductive tract palpation/ultrasound
  • Hormone assays to characterize reproductive status
  • Cellularity
  • Enzyme activity
  • Gene expression
  • Tenderness determination

Selected Publications​

Houghton, P. L., R. P. Lemenager, G. E. Moss, and K. S. Hendrix. 1990. Prediction of postpartum beef cow body composition using weight to height ratio and visual body condition score. Journal of Animal Science 68:1428-1437.

Houghton, P. L., R. P. Lemenager, L. A. Horstman, K. S. Hendrix, and G. E. Moss. 1990. Effects of body composition, pre- and postpartum energy level and early weaning on reproductive performance of beef cows and preweaning calf gain. Journal of Animal Science 68:1438-1446.

Houghton, P. L., R. P. Lemenager, K. S. Hendrix, G. E. Moss, and T. S. Stewart. 1990. Effects of body composition, pre- and postpartum energy intake and stage of production on energy utilization by beef cows. Journal of Animal Science 68:1447-1456.

Buskirk, D. D., R. P. Lemenager, and L. A. Horstman. 1992. Estimation of net energy requirements (NEm and NEΔ) of lactating beef cows. Journal of Animal Science 70:3867-3876.