Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Faculty Accepting Graduate Students

Wenjing Guan

Dr. Wenjing Guan

Commercial Vegetable and Melon Production

Area of Specialization: Commercial Vegetable and Melon Production & Vegetable Grafting

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We are looking for a graduate student who is going to working on irrigation management in vegetable production. The focus of their research will be on watermelon irrigation management. The primary research location will be at Southwest Purdue Agricultural Center in Vincennes, IN. The student is also expected to engage in outreach activities at Southwest Purdue Agricultural Center and Pinney Purdue Center.

Yiwei Huang

Dr. Yiwei Huang

Landscape Architecture

Area of Specialization: Therapeutic and Edible Gardens for Urban Underrepresented Communities and Public Perception of Sustainable Outdoor Design

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The social and ecological benefits of sustainable and edible schoolyard in cities, especially for low-income neighborhoods and/or ethnic minorities. The research area would be in Chicago and Indianapolis.

Ying Li

Dr. Ying Li

Functional genomics & Epigenomics

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The Li Lab is looking for a PhD student who is interested in using functional genomics to understand plant development and metabolism.

Aaron Thompson

Dr. Aaron Thompson

Landscape Architecture

Area of Specialization:Land Use Planning and Natural Resource Management

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Purdue Landscape Architecture, is recruiting students for a research assistantship position affiliated with the Center for Community and Environmental design that will lead to a Master’s of Science in Landscape Systems and Design. Students seeking to explore opportunities at the intersection of landscape planning and the human dimensions of agroecological systems are strongly encouraged to apply. The specific research topic is dependent on grant funding but will leverage research methods from design, planning, and social sciences to explore innovative approaches to green infrastructure and ecosystem services in the Midwestern landscape.


Ariana Torres

Dr. Ariana Torres

Specialty Crops Marketing

Area of Specialization:Specialty Crops Marketing, with the end of promoting economic sustainability for the Horticulture Industry.

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Dr. Torres is interested in hiring a MS student with skills: conducting statistical/econometrics analysis related to consumer behavior, strong written and verbal communication skills, and preferred knowledge of horticulture and food systems.
Kranthi Varala

Dr. Kranthi Varala

Systems Biology, Bioinformatics

Area of Specialization:Molecular basis and regulation of plant abiotic stress tolerance

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The Varala lab is recruiting graduate students to work on exciting projects at the interface of plant biology and machine learning. We use a combination of computational and molecular biology tools to explore plant responses and adaptations to environmental challenges. Come join our diverse and inclusive group and explore your own interests in plants and their future in a changing world.

Josh Widhalm

Dr. Josh Widhalm

Plant metabolic biochemistry

Area of Specialization:Plant natural product metabolism

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The Widhalm lab is recruiting PhD students with a background in molecular biology and an interest in developing biotechnological strategies for producing natural product-based agrichemicals. In the Widhalm laboratory (Twitter: @WidhalmLab), we use functional genomics approaches with synthetic biology tools to advance basic knowledge of plant metabolism. The goal of our research is to translate discoveries of new pathway genes and novel findings about pathway architecture and regulation to design metabolic engineering strategies for applications relevant to sustainable agriculture and toward improving human health.