50th Anniversary Updates

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NRES is celebrating 50 years!

50 year banner with dates and purdue branding

We’re celebrating a half-century anniversary of making the earth a better place and hope you’ll be able to join us this Fall, September 30 and October 1st, 2022. Our planning committee is hard at work creating an event you’ll always cherish, including opportunities for networking, service and connections with friends across the decades.

Help NICHES Land Trust collect native prairie seeds for a local restoration project: on October 1st, from 1 pm - 3 pm

Join us at TBD (possible site, Mulvey Pond) preserve for a service project to meet and mingle with current students and returning NRES alums! Collecting targeted native plant seeds from an established prairie and planting them in a nearby restoration project helps fill ecological niches that aggressive/non-native species would otherwise take over. By collecting our own seeds we help preserve local genotypes and save money that can go back into more land acquisition projects. Seed collection is a simple task that isn’t very physically demanding, it also gives plenty of time to talk with and learn from the people around you! We recommend bringing field clothes, long pants, and plenty of water.