Share Your NRES Memories


We want YOU to be part of the celebration, by submitting photos, messages, or video about your time at Purdue and NRES. We will share these memories in our social media and website, and some will be included in a video about the 50 years of NRES.

Record a short video between 30-90 seconds and include the following

  • Introduce yourself with your name, major, professional title/business
  • Respond to ONE of the following prompts (please repeat the prompt at the beginning of your answer):
  • Prompt #1: Purdue NRES has impacted my life by…
  • Prompt #2: I chose NRES because…
  • Prompt #3: My favorite NRES memory is….
  • Prompt #4: The advice I would like to give a current NRES student is:
  • Conclude with “Congrats on 50 years of NRES” or Boiler Up (if you feel comfortable with that)

Tips for recording with a cellphone or camera

  • Position the phone horizontally (IMPORTANT), and if possible, use a small tripod or support with a box or books to steady the image
  • Wear Purdue clothing, if you have it. If not, anything black or gold would be fine
  • Consider the background – is there a background that the students might find interesting or relevant to what you do or where you live?
  • Keep it brief – about 1 minute total
  • Upload your video and photo to our upload folder on or send a link to

Submit video or photo

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