NRES-Affiliated Faculty

Faculty affiliated with the Natural Resources and Environmental Science program represent a wide range of disciplines at Purdue. The following faculty members teach in the NRES program, provide research opportunities and mentor NRES students.

Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Keith Cherkauer

Associate Professor Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Area of expertise: Environmental and Natural Resources
Area of expertise: Environmental and Natural Resources

Albert Heber

Professor Emeritus, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Areas of Interest: Agricultural indoor and outdoor air quality, livestock air emissions, odor measurement and control, livestock building environmental control systems.

Sara McMillan

Associate Professor of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Research interests: Water quality and nutrient biogeochemistry in rivers, wetlands, and floodplains; ecological success of stream and wetland restoration; ecosystem services provided by urban green infrastructure practices; water quality impacts of conservation practices in agricultural systems.

Shweta Singh

Assistant Professor of Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Agricultural Economics

Michael Delgado

Otto Doering

Professor of Agricultural Economics
Areas of expertise: Public policy with respect to agriculture, resources and the environment Research interests: Issues related to water quality, excess nutrients, climate change, soil erosion and conservation programs.

Thomas Hertel

Distinguished Professor
Area of expertise: Economics and global agriculture, environment and trade Research interests: Quantitative and policy-oriented research on issues of global food security, environmental issues, including climate change impacts and mitigation, and international trade.

Juan Sesmero

Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics

Gerald Shively

Professor of Agricultural Economics
Area of expertise: Agricultural and applied economics Research interests: Connections and interactions between poverty and environmental degradation to make global food production more environmentally sustainable.

Agricultural Sciences Education & Communication

Natalie Carroll

Professor of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
Area of expertise: Natural resources curriculum development for youth audiences Research interest: Extension and engagement with a focus on informal youth education in natural resources and the environment.

Linda Pfeiffer

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
Research interests: Systemic factors that affect the construction and effective translation of messages to engage the public in scientific issues.


Jason Ackerson

Assistant Professor of Agronomy

Laura Bowling

NRES Director & Professor of Agronomy

Sylvie Brouder

Professor of Agronomy

Beth Hall

Indiana State Climatologist

Cliff Johnston

Professor of Agronomy

Eileen Kladivko

Professor of Agronomy

Linda Lee

Assoc Dept Head/Professor of Agronomy

Richard Grant

Professor of Agronomy
Area of Expertise: Applied Meteorology Group

Gary Steinhardt

Professor of Agronomy
Research interests: Long term tillage plots; strip preparation plots; crop residue studies
765.494.8063 (cell)

Jeffrey Volenec

Professor of Agronomy
Research interests: Aims to understand how crop plants adapt to stress and to develop strategies that enhance plant productivity and resilience. His work includes perennial species that must endure the heat and drought of summer, but also must survive stresses associated with winter and still thrive. He teaches AGRY 52500 "Crop Physiology and Ecology" that focuses on processes influencing crop growth and development, mechanisms underlying stress tolerance, and how management and genetics can be used to improve adaptation and performance.

TOny Vyn

Henry A. Wallace Chair in Crop Sciences Professor of Agronomy
Research interests: Cropping systems research to improve crop productivity and environmental sustainability in the context of changing genetics, input technologies and climate. Special interest in tillage and rotation systems, nutrient use efficiencies using 4R strategies, plant phenotyping for stress tolerance, nitrogen recovery efficiency, and greenhouse gas mitigation in crop agriculture.

Animal Sciences

Paul Ebner

Associate Professor of Animal Sciences
Area of expertise: Microbiology Research interests: Phage therapy and biology; safe and effective antibacterial therapies for use in food animals; characterization of the roles different management practices play in food-borne disease transmission.

Marcos Fernandez

Professor of Animal Sciences


Jennifer Wisecaver

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Botany & Plant Pathology

Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi

Assistant Professor of Botany and Plant Pathology
Area of expertise: Plant development and disease resistance Research interests: Mechanisms underlying disease resistance in plant roots to soil borne pathogens.

Scott McAdam

Assistant Professor of Botany and Plant Pathology
Research interests: Stomatal evolution; evolution of the hormone abscisic acid; evolution of xylem My lab investigates the evolution of plant water use and drought tolerance. Specifically we are interested in understanding the key innovations that were responsible for plants colonizing dry environments over the past 450 million years.

Chris Oakley

Assistant Professor of Botany and Plant Pathology
Research interests: Ecological and evolutionary genetics of plants: genetic basis of local adaptation and the consequences of genetic drift for adaptation and population persistence.

Earth Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences

Nathaniel Lifton

Associate Professor and Associate Head
Area of Expertise: Geomorphology and Quaternary geology, in situ cosmogenic nuclides. Research interests: Studies of in situ cosmogenic nuclide production systematics, and applications to Earth surface processes in glaciated landscapes and deserts, paleoclimate, and active tectonics.


John Couture

Assistant Professor of Entomology

Matthew Ginzel

Associate Professor of Entomology and Forestry and Natural Resources
Research interest: Chemically-mediated host colonization and mating behaviors of wood-boring beetles, which increasingly threaten North American hardwood forests.

Laura Ingwell

Research Assistant of Entomology

Ian Kaplan

Professor of Entomology
Area of Expertise: Insect ecology. Research interests: The ecology, behavior and management of pest and beneficial insects in Midwestern agroecosystems.

Environmental & Ecological Engineering

John Howarter

Associate Professor Materials Engineering /Environ And Ecological Engineering

Food Science

Yaohua (Betty) Feng

Assistant Professor of Food Science
Area of expertise: Human Perception and Behavior of Food. Food Safety Research and Extension interests: Risk assessment and communication to enhance microbial safety of foods; using interdisciplinary tools to investigate gaps in food safety practice compliance and develop novel food safety strategies.

Jen-Yi Huang

Assistant Professor of Food Science
Area of expertise: Food process sustainability Research interest: Green food processing techniques to improve energy and water use efficiency towards environmental sustainability; life cycle-based models to elucidate the complex of food-energy-water relationships and their dynamics.

Forestry & Natural Resources

Paris Collingsworth

Research Assistant Professor
Research interests: Ecosystem dynamics in the Laurentian Great Lakes

John (Barny) Dunning

Professor of Wildlife Ecology
Areas of expertise: Avian ecology, conservation biology Research interests: How native wildlife species are affected by changes in the quality and quantity of habitat across landscape scales; environmental education and interacting with the public on natural resource issues.

Jeff Dukes

Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources and Biological Sciences, Director of Purdue Climate Change Research Center
Area of expertise: Climate change Research interests: How ecosystems respond to climate and atmospheric change; impacts of invasive species on ecosystems; improving the capacity of ecosystem and Earth system models to accurately represent ecological processes.

Elizabeth (Liz) Flaherty

Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Habitat Management
Area of expertise: Wildlife habitat management Research interests: Wildlife associations with habitat and applying the results to wildlife management using both field- and laboratory-based research to study wildlife ecology.

Reuben Goforth

Assistant Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources
Research interests: Aquatic animals and their habitats, including aquaculture; interactions between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems; fates and effects of pollutants; appropriate management practices for the protection and use of aquatic ecosystems.

Jacob Hosen

Assistant Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources

Doug Jacobs

Fred M Van Eck Professor of Forest Biology and Associate Head of Extension

Michael Jenkins

Professor of Forest Ecology

Zhao Ma

Associate Professor of Natural Resource Social Science
Area of expertise: Natural resource decision making; human dimensions of natural resources Research interest: Natural resource decision-making processes of individuals and organizations.

Richard Meilan

Professor of Molecular Tree Physiology
Research interest: Ecology of natural systems; forest biology; genetics

Bryan Pijanowski

Professor of Human-Environment Modeling & Analysis Laboratory
Area of expertise: Socio-ecological systems

Michael Saunders

Associate Professor of Ecology and Natural Resources
Research interests: Sustainable management of Central Hardwood forests; natural disturbance-based silviculture; fire ecology of oak-hickory forests; effects of silvicultural practices on wood quality and timber value.

Maria (Marisol) Sepúlveda

Professor of Ecology and Natural Systems and Associate Head of Research
Area of expertise: Ecotoxicology

Mitchell Zischke

Clinical Assistant Professor
Area of expertise: Fish and marine biology Extension interests: Connecting anglers, scientists and managers in Great Lakes fisheries; assisting with private landowners in Indiana with pond management.

Horticulture & Landscape Architecture

David Barbarash

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
Area of expertise: Urban design and urban ecology Research interests: Urban ecology, systems ecology and associated socio-cultural impacts of environmental factors in the built environment.

Steve Hallett

Professor of Horticulture
Area of expertise: Plant ecology Research interests: Ecology of plant pathogen interactions: development of bioherbicides for weed control; mechanisms of herbicide resistance; ecology of the interactions between weeds and soil microbial communities in agricultural and natural systems.

Peter Hirst

Professor of Horticulture
Area of Expertise: Pomology Research interests: Tree architecture; fruit development.

Lori Hoagland

Associate Professor of Horticulture
Area of expertise: Microbial ecology of horticultural systems Research interests: Soil microbial ecology and plant-microbial relationships to address challenges of feeding the world’s growing population, including soil and water degradation, rapidly evolving pests and increasing climate instability.

Linda Prokopy

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Department Head
Research interests: Understanding how to motivate individuals to adopt environmentally-friendly practices

Ariana Torres

Assistant Professor and Marketing Specialist
Area of Expertise: Agricultural economics – decision-making modeling Research interests: The intersection of economics and the specialty crops industry: economic modeling of adoption of new technologies; decision making tools for specialty crop growers; economic impact of growers’ decision-making processes.

Aaron Thompson

Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture
Area of Expertise: Using applied social-ecological science to achieve better decision making at the interface of land use planning and natural resource management His research explores what motivates landowners to engage in conservation efforts, uses spatial analysis and geodesign techniques to visualize and respond to changing land use, and identifies pathways for improving stakeholder participation across three primary areas, including: landscape preservation and stewardship, human dimensions of water resource management, and sustainable community development.

Liberal Arts

Robert Marzec

Professor of English
Specialization: Contemporary British & Postcolonial Literature Research interests: The relationship between literature, the environment, the history of colonial and postcolonial cultures, subjectivity, and land relations