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Fall 2002 - Where

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Where are you going?

By Meghan Miller

Everywhere you go, everyone you talk to wants to know where you plan to go for college, what your major will be, and most importantly, what you are going to do with the rest of your life. The scenario is all too common for high school seniors facing the seemingly overwhelming task of planning their futures. As confusing as selecting a college and major may seem, Purdue University's College of Agriculture has created a solution.

GO in AG is a new university program aimed at making high school students aware of the many doors that Purdue's College of Agriculture can open for them. "Professionals in agricultural communication brought together a group of people who researched attitudes, likes and dislikes of teens to create the GO in AG campaign," said Becky Goetz, agricultural communication editor. "We studied everything from where they like to get information to their colors. We also held a focus group with high school students who were visiting campus.

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The goal of the program is to prepare students for success in agricultural careers working with business, science, food and natural resources. Through a website, brochure, special events and personal contact, GO in AG allows students to explore the various aspects of life at Purdue including: agriculture majors, college living, campus events, careers, internships, expenses and scholarships.

"I hope it will give high school students and their parents a more informed understanding of the broad set of career opportunities that they can prepare for through programs in the College of Agriculture," said Dale Whittaker, Associate Dean of Agriculture and Director of Academic Programs.

Differing from other recruitment efforts, GO in AG provides students the opportunity to hear from and even contact Purdue staff, students and alumni. The stories and perspectives that these individuals offer provide students with a realistic idea of the opportunities and experiences awaiting them at Purdue. "If you look at the students, faculty, employers and stakeholders in our school, you will find much more than farming," said Whittaker. "This program represents that breadth."