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Fall 2002 - Ag Ambassadors

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Ag Ambassadors roll out the welcome mat

By Meghan Miller

Purdue University Ag Ambassadors is a student volunteer organization comprised of the best and brightest Purdue agriculture students whose responsibility is to represent the school in a multitude of ways.

Sarah Pence and potential student

Photo by Megan Miller

Ag Ambassador, Sarah Pence, helps a potential Purdue student and her mother locate their next destination on a campus map.

The ambassadors play a key role in maintaining relationships with Purdue alumni, potential students and agricultural employers during their one-year term. "The Ag Ambassadors program is a wonderful opportunity; it allows you to give a little back to the College of Agriculture," said Stacy Knoll, a junior in veterinary medicine from Lynn, Ind.

Tasks such as giving campus tours, representing the College of Agriculture at information and career fairs and giving presentations about careers and college life allow Ag Ambassadors to share their love of Purdue while making an impact on potential students.

"I gave a tour to a prospective freshman and her family," said Purdue graduate, Elea Hoffsetz from South Bend, Ind. "I saw her the next year, and she told me that I was the reason that she decided to come to Purdue! Talk about feeling honored! That spring she became an Ag Ambassador herself."

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Hosting alumni and dignitaries who visit the University provides Ag Ambassadors with rewarding networking opportunities that enhance their academic and professional careers. "Through this program, I have had the opportunity to meet people that I would never have come into contact with otherwise," said Don Shoemaker, senior in agricultural systems management from Vallonia, Ind. "I have met individuals like Purdue President Martin Jischke, the Dean of the College of Agriculture and other individuals involved with making Purdue a great place."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you choose Purdue?
"While shopping for colleges I found Purdue's School of Agriculture to be extremely friendly and well organized. It's a school that goes beyond the call of duty to take care of its students. I feel like more than just a number. Many of my professors at Purdue have put an effort into knowing who I am. They make sure that I have all the help I need. I have the opportunities of a large University but the personal attention of a small school."
Sarah Hendricks
Senior, Wildlife Science

How are college classes different from high school classes?
"In high school, a lot of kids get good grades without thinking about the class outside of the classroom. In college, you can't just be smart, and you can't just go to class. You have to work hard outside of class too. The trick to studying is to be willing to put in the time and effort, even when some of your friends aren't."
Hilary Houin
Freshman, School of Veterinary Medicine

Is it difficult to adjust to Purdue coming from a small rural community?
"Coming from a really, really small high school, I was very scared. But once I became active and began to recognize faces in my school, major, and classes, the whole campus seemd so much smaller - almost like a family."
Sarah Pence
Senior, Agribusiness Management