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Fall 2002 - Greek

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Ag "greek" culture

By Megan Pence

One of the most common fears among incoming freshmen is the size of Purdue University's campus and student population.

Jack-O'-Lantern jog

Photo by Megan Pence

Each fall, Sigma Alpha hosts the Jack-O'-Lantern Jog. The 5K Walk raises money for "Breaking New Ground," an organization that benefits disabled farmers.

Well, there are organizations that make Purdue seem smaller and offer groups of people that you can share common interests with. You can join a fraternity or sorority. The School of Agriculture has four houses within the Greek system at Purdue.

"Before joining Sigma Alpha, I had never wanted to join a sorority," said Kortni Turner, a junior from Bedford, Ind. "I always figured that my agricultural background would make me stick out like a sore thumb in a traditional sorority, but when I rushed, I realized that I had common interests with all my sorority sisters that made us have even stronger bonds."

While none of the houses require you to be studying a major within the College of Agriculture, you do have to share a passion for agriculture or for obtaining knowledge about the agricultural industry. "I think because we accept people who aren't agriculture majors, it brings a new perspective to the table," said Seth Purlee, a senior from Salem, Ind. in Farmhouse Fraternity.

Another aspect of Greek life is activities, whether they are social, philanthropy or fundraising. Some of these activities include Sigma Alpha's Jack-O'-Lantern Jog, the Farmhouse Classic Jack-Pot Hog Show and Alpha Gamma Rho's Cattle Preview Show. "The best part of being in a fraternity is the activities that you get to participate in and the friendships you make through those activities," said Eric Kelley, a senior from Indianapolis, Ind. in Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity.

These organizations are there to help you adjust, make friends and have a great time in the process. Think about it: your very own home away from home. "I depend on and love my sisters like they were my actual sisters," said Danielle Howell, a junior from Salem, Ind. in Sigma Alpha Sorority. "I know that if I need them they are there and vice versa. They have made Purdue seem like a smaller campus and a lot friendlier place."