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Fall 2002 - High school

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Purdue graduate returns to high school

By Megan Pence

Tom Turpin

Photo provided by Christina Sorg

During Christina Sorg's "Fundamentals of Agriculture" class at Turkey Run Junior/Senior High School, her students learn about the importance of recycling and how recycled goods can be reused. This project involved utilizing recycled materials to make kites for the children at an elementary school.

Upon graduation, often times the last thing on a student's mind is returning to a classroom setting the following fall; however, that is exactly what was on Christina Sorg's mind, except she would not be returning as a student, but as a teacher.

Sorg, of West Lafayette, Ind., graduated in May 2002 from Purdue University with an agricultural education degree. Three weeks after graduation, Sorg was hired to be the agriculture science and business teacher at Turkey Run Junior/Senior High School in Parke County, Ind. However, that's not unusual. Many agricultural education graduates are hired just weeks, sometimes days, after they graduate from Purdue.

"It was like running at 100 mph into a brick wall," Sorg said. "No matter how ready I thought I was, nothing really could prepare me. I thought I was going to have everything ready and would spend very little time preparing and getting lessons together; instead, I spent hours every night grading, preparing and researching."

Finally, things have calmed down for Sorg. She is comfortable with the schedule, the routine of high school life and her students' abilities in the classroom. "Now I am relaxing a little and enjoying the job and my interactions with the students," Sorg said.

While attending classes at Purdue, Sorg acquired teaching techniques, resources and materials, all of which she currently uses in her classroom. "Purdue has so many different opportunities for those who are planning a career in agricultural education," Sorg said.

"They also have a wonderful staff there to help you succeed in every aspect of the classroom. Looking back, if I had the choice between Purdue and another school, I would go to Purdue without question," Sorg said.

Purdue, which houses one of the top agricultural education programs in the country, provides students with experiences in a variety of different agricultural-related areas through hands-on learning and classroom situations.