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Fall 2002 - Colby Center

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Students wait for weight loss at the new Colby Fitness Center

By Matthew Scalise

Students working out

Photo by Matthew Scalise

Purdue student Matt LaFountain has an easy time going through his workouts.

The Colby Fitness Center is nearly complete and that means an end to the construction surrounding the Purdue University Recreational Sports Center.

Travis Stoutenborough, a sophomore in the School of Agriculture, said it is the best sports facility he has ever seen. "I've visited friends at other schools, and Purdue by far has the nicest facilities," Stoutenborough said. "The Recreational Sports Center is like working out at home. There is never a line anymore, and it's enjoyable being there."

Last year, Purdue built the Colby Fitness Center, a modern aquatic center to accommodate students, as well as four squash courts, 16 handball/racquetball courts and 30 chain link backstops for outdoor sports.

"We are happy to finally be meeting the demands of the students," said Carol Stickel, division of recreational sports director. "They have long been asking for a more up-to-date facility."

Construction on the $5 million project began last summer, with a $1 million donation from Ken Colby and his wife Linda. "As a freshman I remember reading an article about a woman who left her inheritance to her alma matter with the stipulation that it be used only for fun. At the time, I thought it was a wonderful gesture, and I wished someone would do that for Purdue students. My hope is that the Colby Fitness Center will encourage today's Purdue students to lead a healthy and balanced life," said Colby in a Recreational Sports Center newsletter.