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Fall 2002 - Editor's word

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A word from the editor

By Andrea Campbell

During the first few weeks of my freshman year, I was terrified. I had moved to West Lafayette straight from the farm and had never seen so many people in my life. More people lived in one side of my dorm than in my whole town. The lecture hall in the Class of 1950 building held more people than my whole county. I was certain I was going to go to the wrong class, get lost on campus and that my teachers wouldn't like me.

Here I am four years later, still in college. I haven't gotten lost, my teachers like me and I have only gone to the wrong class a few times. Of course, it was embarrassing, but I lived through it. In the past four years, I have learned more about myself, society and the people around me than I ever would have imagined. Let me give you some advice that may help at college.

You may not think these lessons will apply to you, but in time they will. College can be a great experience, and it's up to ou to make the best of it.