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Fall 2006 - Students

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Students on the Street

What is the best thing to do for a study break?

Jonathon Pleitner Katherine Burger Ruth Wyckoff Matt Marks

"Run around the block, text message all your friends and mix Pop Rocks with soda. Then, sit back down and give 110 percent."

"Listen to music and eat some chocolate."

"Go for a walk around campus because there is always something going on, places to look at and people to see."

"Go to the rec center and play basketball, lift weights or do some type of physical activity."

Jonathon Pleitner, Animal science, junior, Munster, Ind. Katherine Burger, Soil and crop management, freshman, West Harrison, Ind. Ruth Wyckoff,
Landscape horticulture and design, senior, Valparaiso, Ind.
Matt Marks, Landscape horticulture and design, freshman, Fishers, Ind.

Craig Koskiniemi Kat Lillie Cybrina Cooper

"Go outside, breathe some fresh air,a nd do something to take your mind off the subject. I usually take a bike ride around campus."

"Climb a tree and go bird watching."

"Go to the Union and meet friends to talk about how our day is going and get a snack while we chat."

Craig Koskiniemi,
Food science, junior, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kat Lillie,
Wildlife, junior, New Alsace, Ind.
Cybrina Cooper,
Animal science, junior, Indianapolis, Ind.