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Fall 2006 - Editor's word

Destination Purdue > Fall 2006 - Editor's word

A word from the editor

By Amy Carmen Pflugshaupt

With all its advances in science and technology, it is virtually impossible to find a career without connections to the agricultural industry. Agriculture is opening its doors to a new generation of men and women from rural and urban communities, and they are discovering many new opportunities.

Amy Carmen Pflugshaupt
Amy Carmen Pflugshaupt

Agriculture is more than just a farmer in bib overalls and John Deere hat working the fields. It includes professionals in production, sales, journalism, business and many other fields, who work alongside traditional farmers to meet consumers' growing demands. Obviously, this is not our grandparents' way of farming. Times are changing and we are at the dawn of a new day; one where careers in agriculture are endless.

Destination Purdue will show you some of the latests developments in agriculture that are taking shape at Purdue University. You'll read how Purdue Agriculture students are actively involved in reconstructing wetland areas, visiting other countries to learn more about their food production practices and even how one student is getting a head start on his future by being a full-time student and small-business owner.

In a blink of an eye, it will be your turn to decide how to contribute to the agricultural industry. Purdue Agriculture is leading the way into the future by providing students a chance to earn a good education that comes with practical, "real life" experiences.

All aboard! You don't want to miss what's in store for the future of agriculture.