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Fall 2008 - Students on Street

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Students on the Street

Name one thing every student should do before leaving Purdue.

Aimee Shaffer Ryan Schroer Zac Brooks Monica Christie
"Go to a PMO Christmas Show. It adds to the excitement of the Christmas season and shows a different side of Purdue pride." "One thing I did my freshman year is spend a little time each day meeting a new person. It makes campus feel a whole lot smaller." "Take a wide range of classes outside of your major because it really shows you how other people think and broadens your vision of society." "Students should attend sporting events because it helps you appreciate Purdue when you are rooting for your school."
Aimee Shaffer, Animal agribusiness, junior, Albany, Ind. Ryan Schroer, Animal science, senior, Cory, Ind. Zac Brooks, Agricultural economics, senior, Charlestown, Ind. Monica Christie, Food marketing and management, senior, Crown Point, Ind.

Jacob Tobias José Colón Sarah Demerly
"Study abroad. The cultural experience is so valuable to any major, and you’ll never be able to do it cheaper." "I think students should join different clubs so you get to meet new people." "Have a milkshake and French toast from Triple XXX at 1 o'clock in the morning. It's great seeing other college students sitting right next to you doing the exact same thing."
Jacob Tobias, Animal science, junior, Edinburg, Ind. José Colón, Agricultural economics, junior, San Juan, Puerto Rico Sarah Demerly, Food industry marketing and management, freshman, Wolcott, Ind.