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Fall 2008 - Word from Editor

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A word from the editor

By Elizabeth Fritz

Do you remember the first time you spent the night at a friend's house, or your first road trip with that new license? Sure you do, they marked your first steps toward independence.

Elizabeth Fritz
Elizabeth Fritz

Do you also remember that first time you were away from home and got sick and just wanted your parents, or when you got a flat tire and had to call your dad to fix it? Of course you do, they were reminders that you still needed help — whether you wanted to admit it or not.

For me, and many others, Purdue Agriculture offers both freedom and the comfort of a support network. I grew up in a small town, Winamac, Ind., and all I wanted when I graduated from high school was to start on a new path.

But no sooner did I start on that path at Purdue than I felt lost. I wanted to call my parents for help, but they weren't just down the road anymore. Away from home, I didn't know everyone.

That soon changed. The people in my residence hall quickly became my friends, family and the people I relied on. When Dad came to pick me up for winter break my freshman year, we sat in the truck and made sure I hadn't forgotten anything. I told him that it felt like I was leaving my new family behind.

Whatever you are looking for in your new path, look at Purdue Agriculture because my path has taken me places I never imagined.