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Fall 2009 - Editor's word

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A word from the editor

By Shawna Hubbard

Shawna Hubbard
Shawna Hubbard

I've never baled hay, driven a tractor or milked a cow.

Despite my lack of farm background, I came to Purdue for a College of Agriculture major: landscape architecutre. During my first semester, I found that drawing the blueprints required for the major wasn't my forte. But I also discovered that Purdue Agriculture fit me perfectly.

Although I didn't grow up wearing John Deere ball caps, the generous, encouraging and challenging Purdue Agriculture staff and faculty impressed me. I knew I would always have resources and personal help. There's also a great camaraderie among the studnets that creates a family atmosphere and strong identification with the college.

So I limited my search for a new major to the College of Agriculture, and I found my niche in agricultural communication.

I'm glad I chose to stay. Purdue Agriculture has so many more opportunities than I could have imagined when I was in high school. Agriculture is so innovative - as you'll see when you read about the students who created a sweet potato snack chip. Agriculture is global - as you'll learn from the students who traveled to Africa.

Agriculture keeps the world fueled and moving forward. Who wouldn't want to be in on that? There are 48 majors to choose from, playing to your interests from biochemistry to sales. And you'll be in an atmosphere where people want to help you succeed from the get-go.

Don't worry aobut bringing a big belt buckle. There's always a place for you in Purdue Agriculture.