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Fall 2010 - Editor

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A word from the editor

By Chelsea Nord

Chelsea Nord
Chelsea Nord

Growing up, my parents used to say that I was a "Boilermaker from birth." My dad and several other family members graduated from Purdue. So needless to say, "Boiler Up!" was part of my vocabulary from a very young age. I even remember the "my little Boilermaker" bib my parents gave me.

Although I didn't grow up on a farm like my dad, I've always loved animals and agriculture. In grade school I joined 4-H, as many of you probably did. It soon became a huge part of my life and strengthened my connection to Purdue.

My favorite parts were getting to come up to Purdue for science trips or the 4-H Round-Up! At that age, it was awesome to stay on campus and see all the cool things the students were doing in the different departments.

Everyone assumed I would go to Purdue, but even with my Boilermaker background, I wasn't certain when I started looking at colleges. I was torn between two possible majors. But then, like many of you will, I started visiting college campuses. After I visited Purdue, I was hooked. My nervousness was gone and I felt right at home.

I eventually settled on majoring in agricultural communication. Before I started at Purdue, I didn't know the major existed, but it's the perfect fit for me. It combines my love for agriculture with what my mother calls, my "gift for gab."

Although I will be graduating next year, Purdue will always be a huge part of my life. I may have been a Boilermaker since birth, but only after experiencing it first-hand do you really become something stronger: a Boilermaker for life.