Students on the Street

What is the strangest thing an instructor ever said or did in class?

Jessica Buening
"My reproduction instructor brought a human placenta to class in a plastic bag and just said, 'Don't ask.'"

Jessica Buening,
Animal sciences, sophomore, Greensburg, Ind.
Jordan Hershberger
"My professor brought in a boa constrictor and let it eat a rat."

Jordan Hershberger,
Wildlife, senior, Elkhart, Ind.
Alex Pettigrew
"My teaching assistant said I broke the laws of physics."

Alex Pettigrew,
Animal sciences: behavior/well-being, junior, Indianapolis
Tyler Steward
"I had a professor who climbed on desks and screamed a lot. No one really knew why."

Tyler Steward,
Entomology, senior, Loogootee, Ind.

Alysha Wetli
"One of the strangest things my professor did was always show our class all these random cat pictures and cat jokes randomly during the lecture slides he was showing."

Alysha Wetli,
Sales and marketing, senior, Fowler, Ind.

Hannah Goeb
"My economics instructor jumped on top of a table and cut his tie in half to make a point."

Hannah Goeb,
Animal sciences: biosciences and agricultural education, junior, Whiteland, Ind.
Sarah Mueller
"I had a professor who broke into a tap dance in the middle of lecture."

Sarah Mueller,
Agricultural economics, junior, Wilkinson, Ind.