Volume 19, Number 2, Fall 2014

Biochemistry major in tune with Ireland
Emily Erickson was in an unfamiliar land, but had a familiar companion: her viola. As she pulled the horsehair bow over the strings, medleys of melodies accompanied her as she studied for an exam at University College Dublin (UCD) in Ireland.

Howling with the wolves is part of her job
Rachel Vanausdall ran through wolf facts and information on her way to Howl Night at Wolf Park in Battle Ground. Under the direction of Vanausdall and other staff members, Wolf Park visitors learned about wolves and howled at the moon with them.

Destination Career: Alum sinks his teeth into global projects
By the time he was 16, Ian Barnard was certain he wanted to become a veterinarian. But before he even earned his bachelor's degree in animal sciences in 2011, he knew he wanted to pursue a different dream—one he could really sink his teeth into.

Outreach efforts make insect myths bug off
Sean Tormoehlen enjoys going to elementary schools and showing creepy crawly insects to kids. But his goal isn't to make the kids run in terror; he's teaching them how important insects are—a lesson he learned when he was their age.

Greenhouse job cultivates opportunities
Inside the life science greenhouse complex in Lilly Hall the smells of soil and plants saturate the humid air. To Joe Atha, a senior sustainable agronomic systems: agronomic management major from Oxford, Indiana, it smells like opportunities.

Freshman contributes to larger cause through his corn lab research
Matthew Hill walked into an interview for his introductory plant science class thinking he was just completing a paper assignment. He walked out with everything he needed for his assignment and a research job.

Students on the Street
If you were in charge of Purdue for one day, what would you do?

A word from the editor
Growing up in the small town of Mecca, Indiana, I thought agriculture meant one thing: farming. Read more.

Bonus Web-only stories

Junior milks experience from dairy industry
From the moment he first got his hands dirty at his neighbor's farm, P.J. Neff hasn't been able to step away from the dairy industry. And his love for being on the farm and solving problems has opened doors throughout his college career.

Love for trees leads to enthusiastic mentor
Walla Walla, Washington, sounds like a place out of a Dr. Seuss story, but the work Ian Hahus was doing there was anything but whimsical. The senior focused on sprinkler systems and water use while visiting the city in southeast Washington.

Journeys abroad influence senior's career path
During his four years at Purdue, Patrick Slack has been to 10 counties, including Austria, Cambodia and Myanmar. When he traveled to Thailand for his first international experience, it changed his life forever.

Finding a 'useful mutant' can improve nutrition
A typical day in the lab for Michael Busche might seem a bit monotonous—he transfers a few drops of plant protein into small test tubes over and over for hours at a time. But the effort is worthwhile when he finds the right “mutant.”

Destination Career: Fellowship encourages graduates to pursue entrepreneurship
Like many young professionals, Jackson Troxel texts, tags and tweets on his smartphone throughout the day. But chances are, Troxel is one of a select few Purdue graduates who have the staff of the governor of Indiana in his recent call list.

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