Volume 20, Number 2, Fall 2015​

Danika Miller credits a rubber chicken with convincing her she picked the right college major. One day she was giving a demonstration about cross-contamination and the importance of hand washing before preparing food. Miller dusted the rubber chicken with a powder called Glow Germ, which glows under a black light, and passed the chicken around to all the students. Read more.​

On a typical morning, Allison Kingery glides calmly but swiftly from one station to the next in Purdue’s Ford Dining Court kitchen. Watching Kingery work, you might assume she was born to run a kitchen. Maybe, but it was a talent that took her a while to discover. Read more.

Destination Career: Alum sinks his teeth into global projects

Freshman explores nature, writing in blog

Morgan Sussman grew up watching Steve Irwin’s The Crocodile Hunter TV show and said Irwin helped inspire her career goals. Sussman loved Irwin’s passion for exploring nature. But just as important, she also admired the way he shared his passion with others. Read more.

Outreach efforts make insect myths bug off

Research draws on entomologist’s beetle-mania

Carly Morris is completely fascinated with the power, abilities and survival of beetles. Beetles were alive during the dinosaur era, yet the extinction events that knocked out the dinosaurs didn’t kill the beetles. Read more.

Greenhouse job cultivates opportunities

Outdoor enthusiast finds ideal career while scampering up trees

Casey Johnson gets a thrill every time he puts on his gear and tools and scampers up the side of a tree. He sees the beauty of nature up-close, and that thrill makes him feel invincible. There are few other places the junior urban forestry major from Huntington, Indiana, would rather be than in a tree. Read more.

Greenhouse job cultivates opportunitiesPersonal bonds help team claim big win
On an evening that was great for a basketball game, Breanna Lawyer had one of the most rewarding experiences of her college career. Her teammates showed up at her apartment, and soon Lawyer and the whole team stood in front of a large crowd. Read more.

Shelby Swain is not new to service and leadership. The junior agricultural economics: quantitative analysis major from Fishers, Indiana, has always enjoyed leading others to become the best they can be. And Swain recently had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to lead in a new way: she was an Indianapolis 500 Festival Princess​. Read more.

Greenhouse job cultivates opportunities

 What is your favorite midnight snack? Read more.​