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Spring 2003 - Students on street

Destination Purdue > Spring 2003 - Students on street

Students on the Street

What's the weirdest thing you have seen on campus?

Amanda Geary Spud Armstrong Derek Blair Emily Cushman

"I saw a lady drive her BMW past an engineering building, around the fountain and over to the bell tower. The students stared because she was driving on the sidewalk."

"One time I watched a guy fall off of the Boilermaker Special when it rolled over a speed bump. Cars were swerving everywhere to miss the poor kid. He wasn't hurt, but it sure was funny."

"It was Halloween, and I was sitting in one of my agronomy classes waiting for class to start. All of a sudden my professor walked in dressed up as a Smurf."

"Before a football game, I saw a guy just standing in the middle of the engineering fountain while it was turned on. He was wearing a scuba suit, goggles, a snorkel and flippers."

Amanda M. Geary,
Agricultural economics, freshman, Churubusco, Ind.
Spud Armstrong,
Agricultural systems management, junior, Rochester, Ind.
Derek Blair,
Soil and crop management, junior, Huntington, Ind.
Emily Cushman,
Wildlife biology, freshman, Ossian, Ind.