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Spring 2004 - Ambassadors

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Ag Ambassadors provide passport to Purdue

By Abigail C. Kasper

Despite Purdue University's large size–or perhaps because of it – many student organizations have formed to help students find a place to belong. One such student organization is Ag Ambassadors.

Kohlhagen, Weinzapfel and White

Photo by Abigail C. Kasper

Ambassadors like (left) Kyle Kohlhagen, Jennifer Weinzapfel and Travis White select the students who will be new representatives of Purdue's College of Agriculture.

Ag Ambassadors is an organization of students who represent Purdue's College of Agriculture by giving campus tours to prospective students, traveling to Indiana high schools to represent Purdue at college fairs and participating in university-related alumni events like the annual College of Agriculture Fish Fry.

"The Ag Ambassadors help out with the Fish Fry every year, and I was able to meet former Sen. Bob Dole after he spoke a few years ago," said Travis White, a senior from Cloverdale, Ind., majoring in agricultural sales and marketing. Meeting a political figure is only one opportunity the Ag Ambassadors are given. White said that Purdue sponsored the opportunity for him to travel to California as one of their representatives for the National Ag Ambassadors Conference, which takes place every year in January.

The Ag Ambassadors program gives the students of Purdue's College of Agriculture the chance to represent their school in frong of a variety of audiences. "Being an Ag Ambassador is a great way to meet people," said Angie Bailey, a senior from Leesburg, Ind., majoring in agricultural education. "We meet with prospective students, and we have the opportunity to meet dignitaries from the College of Agriculture and people in agribusinesses around the state and country."

This program also provides students the chance to get to know each other as well as their professors. "My favorite part of being an Ag Ambassador is being part of a tight-knit group of people who want to see you succeed," said Ben Wicker, a sophomore from Milroy, Ind, majoring in soil and crop science.

He went on to share that because he often takes tour groups of prospective students to Purdue classes, he's been able to build working relationships with several professors on campus. Being an Ag Ambassador is a way to meet fellow agriculture students and alumni, to present Purdue to potential students and to travel.