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Spring 2004 - Students on Street

Destination Purdue > Spring 2004 - Students on Street

Students on the Street

What's the funniest thing you've seen worn on campus?

Kaitlen Deutsch Cade Mills Sara Layman Amy Howard

"Someone hopping around in a full-body bunny suit."

"A guy wearing a chef's hat, an apron and tighty-whities."

"A professor, on the first day of class, wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes."

"A guy came into the residence hall wearing nothing but shaving cream."

Kaitlen Deutsch,
Food science, junior, Brookville, Ind.
Cade Mills, Wildlife, senior, Crawfordsville, Ind. Sara Layman,
Food process engineering, senior, Elkhart, Ind.
Amy Howard, NRES, freshman, Eaton, Ohio