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Spring 2004 - Student committee

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Student committee brings big name acts to campus

By Ashley Gilbert

The Student Concert Committee (SCC), a division of Purdue University Convocations, is a popular way for students to get involved on campus. Purdue Convocations is an organization connecting the arts with audiences. Throughout the years, the organization has been able to bring a wide variety of the arts to campus. These days, a student can see Broadway shows, operas, jazz ensembles and even big name concerts.

Concerts are brought together through the Student Concert Committee. SCC is an opportunity for students to get an up-close view of business in the concert world. The committee not only plans on what artists to bring to campus, they also are involved in the advertising and publicity, and have many backstage responsibilities.

Imagine it is Oct. 16, 2002. The County Crows are performing at Purdue's Elliott Hall of Music this evening. Emily Russell, the SCC vice president and a junior in the School of Liberal Arts, recounts the events of the day.

It was my first concert as a SCC member. I had been working hard since the morning and hadn't stopped all day. So when we were told we were allowed to go to the basement of Elliott Hall of Music to eat dinner, I was excited. We were all exhausted, but before we went to the basement we heard that the lead singer for County Crows, Adam Duritz, was going to go to the basement to eat dinner too.

We ate dinner slowly because we were determined to see him - even if we had to wait all night. After two pieces of cake and about three cups of coffee, finally, there he was. Duritz had been working out before the concert and came down to dinner in his sweat pants. He sat at a different table and talked about his friends and told a story about a bar. He ate, and then he was gone. But that was enough for me. As soon as he left, I remember thinking, I love this organization I want to be a part of this forever. Not bad for a first day on the job.

The SCC has approximately 10 to 16 members, and they take active roles in deciding what concerts students would like to see at Purdue. Other acts the SCC has brought to campus include Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, Jimmy Buffett, Pearl Jam and Nelly.

Students can become involved in this committee by petitioning and interviewing for a position at the beginning of each school year. The SCC receives approximately 1,500 applications a year, said Laura Clavio, assistant director for convocations. With so many applications, the process is selective, but students can continue to apply each year if they are not one of the lucky ones chosen.

If a student is chosen, the organization provides a great opportunity to work with their peers to see the business behind a concert. "It's a great opportunity to meet new people," Russell said. "The beauty of it is seeing the love of music bringing people together."