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Spring 2005 - Students on Street

Destination Purdue > Spring 2005 - Students on Street

Students on the Street

What is the strangest thing you witnessed on campus or in one of your classes?

Jill Smock Jeff Demerly Samantha Howe Erika White

"The squirrels - they always come up to you and they are always wrestling."

"A streaker at a final who was buck naked and wearing an old man mask."

"My chemistry professor shot a tennis ball out of a mini-cannon and put a dent in the wall."

"My Sociology 100 professor took his pants off in class. He was trying to demonstrate violating a social norm."

Jill Smock,
Animal agribusiness management, senior, Terre Haute, Ind.
Jeff Demerly, Agricultural economics, junior, Wolcott, Ind. Samantha Howe,
Animal science, freshman, Greenfield, Ind.
Erika White, Agricultural communication, sophomore, Winamac, Ind.