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Spring 2005 - Editor's word

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A word from the editor

By Julie Glaser

It's about that time. College is creeping up on you. As a senior at Purdue, I'd like to pass on some things I've learned during my time here. I hope these tips make your exciting transition from high school student to Purdue student a little bit better.

  1. Be open. You will meet people at Purdue who are completely different from anyone you've met before. There are people here from all over the world. That is one of the many things that makes Purdue such a great school. Smile at people. Say hellow. Sit with a stranger at lunch. You'll be amazed at the friends you'll have beside you at graduation.
  2. Take advantage. There are more than 600 student organizations here. Dare to join one that lets you do something you've never done before. Take flying lessons, write for the newspaper, learn martial arts or join Big Brothers Big Sisters. Study abroad, too. Go to Italy for a semester, or Japan, or Australia. Purdue's classrooms are just the beginning of the education this university has to offer.
  3. Go to class. It's so easy not to, especially in the winter when Purdue's campus seems like Antartica. But take my word on this one - 80% of college success is just showing up.
  4. Have fun. College really is as much fun as you've heard - new friends, football games, parties and experiences you've never imagined are all here. Take it all in. With everything Purdue has to offer, it cna be four (or five or six) truly great years. Cheers and good luck!